Monday, September 28, 2009

LFW one and only post

I don't usually blog about Fashion Week - I don't think there's much point when it is covered so extensively by the fashion media, who are actually there. I, on the other hand have never been to a fashion show, and to be honest, I find them a bit overwhelming. Distilling the key themes and looks, well, lets just say I find fashion mags very useful for this purpose.

BUT when I saw these pics from the Fashion East show, I was really excited. After what seems like so many seasons of 'investment pieces' these prints are really inspiring. Whether or not I would actually wear them is to be seen. I know my 20-year-old self would have looooved them!
Oops, forgot to say, these designs are by Holly Fulton!

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  1. WOW! thanks for sharing, those pieces are amazing, love the tecchy prints.


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