Sunday, September 27, 2009

CatwalkQueen returns!!!

Why didn't anyone tell me that CatwalkQueen is back up and running??!? I was up late last night and something just beckoned me to type it into the address bar, despite being bitterly disappointed many times over the past few months. I used to check it daily, so it was a difficult habit to shake!
CatwalkQueen stopped posting abruptly in July because of some legal and financial issues. Perhaps not a bad thing for me at the time, as checking these kinds of sites made me miss London so much when I was in Oz.
But it is one of my favourite sites to visit for a little fashion industry insider news, peppered with some high street tip-offs, which are really helpful when I am in London, with money to not at the moment. Boohoo for me. Anyway, check it out at

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  1. Hey! I love fashion, too! But, I tend to do posts on the more bizarre fashion on the runways...I think it's a hoot.
    Nice blog!
    thanks for commenting over at my place-


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