Saturday, November 27, 2010

someone still loves you boris yeltsin

If I weren't totally broke, I would be going retail crazy right now. With all the winter and 'holiday' collections arriving in stores everyday there are just so many irresistible items I have spied and it is hard imagining getting through winter without them! There are the obvious, of course, like I need a new pair of black ankle boots to replace my old holey ones, but there are a few more fun and frivolous items that have caught my eye...

I think this Whistles muff would actually be really practical given the juggling act I perform everyday when I need to take my gloves off to do anything on my phone, which risks dropping phone or gloves or both. But if my gloves were attached to my neck...drama solved!

Hear me out here!! Well, I actually have no reasonable explanation for this one other than that I have always seen snow boots as completely lacking in any style, and one of those signs that someone has just given up and succumbed to pure practicality with no interest in maintaining their physical appearance. But now I look at them and think, I reckon I could pull it off. These ones are by Rubber Duck and you can get them here.

Matalan is definitely not somewhere I have ever looked for wardrobe-updating staples but that is exactly what I think this dress would be. I have so far completely resisted the obsession everyone has with maxi stuff but I now think it would be an absolutely perfect all-weather layering piece and I think this one ticks many trend boxes. And it's sooo cheap!

You may have noticed that I am finding a bit more time for blogging lately. You would be correct with the main reason being that basically all my friends decided to leave London for sunnier climes downunder and I now find myself with far fewer social engagements to fit into my schedule. Party season? What parties?! I really miss them all, but hope they are all enjoying their new lives xx


  1. how cute is that muff?? practical and awesome looking as well!


  2. does the word "muff" make you giggle? just me?

  3. Woohoo, I have this dress! Bought it cos I thought it could easily pass as Helmut Lang.

    Like your thinking about the muff/ keys/ phone/ juggling situation - stroke of genius xx

  4. That muff is rather amazing <3.


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