Thursday, October 14, 2010

and if you tolerate this then your children will be next

Camper, tell me, exactly how do you do it? Your men's shoes are actual perfection of the classic, everyday, every occasion, good quality, leather men's footwear variety. See Exhibit A, above. Then when it comes to your women's range you take all of this and do a royally good job of fucking it up completely with ridiculous details that just make them look horribly off. It honestly baffles me. It must take a really long time to come up with the grossest colours and most impractical additions. Hmm, this pair of heels is currently the most versatile pair of classic black pumps. I know, why don't we add some random turquoise details with red stitching so that we seriously limit the outfit coordination possibilities? Oh, and brogues are big at the moment, so why don't we make some in puke-green and chocolate brown, that way no-one will ever buy them!? Or why don't we just make the ugliest cream suede shoes ever????? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Exhibit B and C. 


  1. the first shoe is definitely me!! love it!!!

  2. I totally agree! Whilst their mens range is mostly very covetable, their ladies range is a joke.

  3. I actually hate most womens shoes! Men definatly have the upper hand when it comes to shoes..loafers/boots/brogues...I could go on!
    & with blazers, male blazers are always perfect; perfect shoulders- nice and sterdy, nicy boxy fit etc ha.
    And then us women have the stupid pink jersey blazers..what the hell!


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